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Desiccated alimentary vegetable substances: reports of two boards of Navy officers, convened by order of William A. Graham, Secretary of the Navy, at the U.S. Navy Yard, New York, in Nov. 1851, and at Washington City, in May, 1852, to examine certain desiccated alimentary vegetable substances : prepared, after the process of M. Masson, chief gardner of the Central Society of Horticulture of France, by Chollet & Co., no. 6 rue Marbeuf, Paris, and, after the process of J.N. Gannal, no. 6, rue de Seine, Paris, by Peyrusset, Moller & Co., the conserve of milk, prepared by M. De Lignac, Chateau de Mouleverde, près Guéret, (Creuse,) and also the preserved potato of D. and H. Edwards and Co., no. 1, Bishops-Gate Street, London