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The new book of cookery, or, Every woman a perfect cook: containing the greatest variety of approved receipts in all the branches of cookery and confectionary, viz. : boiling, roasting, broiling, frying, stewing, hashing, baking, fricassees, ragouts, made-dishes, soups, sauces, puddings, pies, tarts, cakes, custards, preserving, candying, drying, potting, collarding, English-wines, &c. ... : to which are added, the best instructions for marketing, and sundry modern bills of fare : also directions for clear-starching and improving beauty : likewise a collection of phisical [sic] receipts for families, &c. : the whole calculated to assist the prudent housewife and her servants, in furnishing the cheapest and most elegant set of dishes in the various departments of cookery, and to instruct ladies in many other particulars of great importance too numerous to mention in this title page