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6. Antropologium de ho[min]is dignitate, natura, et p[rop]rietatibus, de elementis, partibus et me[m]bris humani corporis: de iuuamentis, nocume[n]tis, accide[n]tib[us], vitijs, remedijs, et physionomia ipsorum : de excreme[n]tis et exeu[n]tib[us] : de spiritu hu[m]ano eiusq[ue] natura p[ar]tib[us] et op[er]ib[us] : de ani[m]a hu[m]ana et ipsius appendicijs

10. Phisionomia

13. Chyrurgia

18. Anatomia del corpo humano

30. Marsilii Ficini Florentini medici atq[ue] philosophi celeberrimi, de vita libri tres, recens iam à mendis sitúq[ue] uindicati: qvorvm primus, de studiosorum sanitate tuenda ; secundus, de vita producenda ; tertius, de vita coelitus comparanda ; apologia ; his accessit eiusdem epidemiarum antidotus, tutelae quoq[ue] bonae ualetudinis attinens ; cum omnium nouo rerum atque indice

31. A nievve herball, or Historie of plantes: wherein is contayned the whole discourse and perfect description of all sortes of herbes and plantes : their divers & sundry kindes ... and that not onely of those whiche are here growyng in this our countrie of Englande, but of all others also of forrayne realmes commonly used in physicke ; first set foorth in the Doutche or Almaigne tongue

34. A compendyous regyment or dyatorye of healthe: used at Mountpylour

36. A Boke of the propreties of herbes called an herball: wherunto is added the time ye herbes, floures and sedes shold be gathered to be kept the whole yere, wyth the vertue of ye herbes when they are stilled ; also a generall rule of all maner of herbes drawen out of an auncyent booke of phisyck

37. Fasciculus medicine

40. Matthiolus

43. Alexander Massaria

44. [Thomas Platter]

46. [Felix Platter]

50. Good councell against the plague: shewing sundry present preservatives for the same, by wholsome fumes, drinks, vomits, and other inward receits : as also, the perfect cure (by implaysture) of any that are therewith infected : nowe necessary to be observed of every householder, to avoyde the infection, lately begun in some places of this cittie

53. Exenterationis cadaueris illustrissimi Cardinalis Borrhomaei Mediolani Archiespiscopi: a Io. Baptista Carcano Leone, anatomen in gymnasio ticinensi publicè prositente factae, uerissima, atq[ue] elegantissima enarratio

54. Instructie voor de barbiers jonghers, ende den ghemeynen simpelen man: leerende de maniere om wonden te genesen, salven, plaesteren, olien, wateren, en[d]e drancken te maken midsgaders veel schoon remedien tot alle ghebreken des lichaems, weest al geprobeert ende waerachtich bewonden : met een schoon tafele om alle dinck haest te vinden

55. Spiegel und Regiment der Gesundtheit: fürnemlich auff Land, Gebreuch, Art, vnd Complexion der Teutschen gerichtet : wie man[n] sich in allem so der mensch inn vnd eusserlich gebrauchen můss, der Gesundtheit nach, halten vnd regiren sol : rechter Bericht, breuchliche purgierende Artznei, zur noturfft, mancherley gestalt, dessgleichen die furnemsten Species, Confect, Tresenei, Zuckertäfelin, oder Tabulaten, Marzapan, [et]c. zubereyten, vnd nutzlich zubrauchen

58. [Orthopedic apparatus]

59. [A man being attacked by insects]

60. [Astrological figures]

61. [Botany - Medical]

62. [Botany - Medical]

63. [Botany - Medical]

64. [Botany - Medical]

65. [Botany - Medical]

66. [Mining with the aid of a divining rod]

67. [Mining]

68. [Metallurgy]

69. [Palmistry]

72. [Physical therapy]

73. [Praesens maximus codex]

77. Yellow Henbane

78. [A seated woman holding a flower]

80. [Title page with vignette of Hermes]

81. [The Toothpuller]

82. [Abdominal muscles]

83. [Abdominal muscles]

84. [Abdominal muscles]

85. [Abdominal muscles]

86. [Abdominal muscles]

87. [Abdominal muscles]

88. [Arteries of the arms and legs]

90. [Arteries of the arm]

92. [Anatomy of the female body]

93. [Muscles and bones]

94. [Muscle plates]

95. [Muscle plates]

98. [Woman being bled by a barber surgeon]