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1. [Mining with the aid of a divining rod]

4. The practise of the new and old phisicke: wherein is contained the most excellent secrets of phisicke and philosophie, devided into foure bookes : in the which are the best approved remedies for the diseases as well inward as outward, of al the parts of mans body: treating very amplie of al distillations of waters, of oyles, balmes, quintessences, with the extraction of artificiall saltes, the use and preparation of antimony, and potable gold gathered out of the best & most approved authors, by that excellent Doctor Gesnerus : also the pictures and maner to make the vessels, furnaces, and other instruments thereunto belonging

8. A nievve herball, or Historie of plantes: wherein is contayned the whole discourse and perfect description of all sortes of herbes and plantes : their divers & sundry kindes ... and that not onely of those whiche are here growyng in this our countrie of Englande, but of all others also of forrayne realmes commonly used in physicke ; first set foorth in the Doutche or Almaigne tongue

12. Spiegel und Regiment der Gesundtheit: fürnemlich auff Land, Gebreuch, Art, vnd Complexion der Teutschen gerichtet : wie man[n] sich in allem so der mensch inn vnd eusserlich gebrauchen můss, der Gesundtheit nach, halten vnd regiren sol : rechter Bericht, breuchliche purgierende Artznei, zur noturfft, mancherley gestalt, dessgleichen die furnemsten Species, Confect, Tresenei, Zuckertäfelin, oder Tabulaten, Marzapan, [et]c. zubereyten, vnd nutzlich zubrauchen

14. Contenta in hoc volumine. Liber Rasis ad almansorem ; Diuisiones eiusdem ; Liber de iuncturarum egritudinib[us] eiusdem ; Liber de egritudinibus puerorum eiusdem ; Aphorismi ipsius ; Antidotarium quoddam ipsius ; Tractatus de preseruatione ab egritudine lapidis eiusdem ; Introductorium medicine eiusdem ; Liber de sectio[n]ib[us] [et] cauterijs [et] ve[n]tosis eiusde[m] ; Casus quida[m] qui ad manus eius p[er]ueneru[n]t ; Sinonima eiusdem ; Tabula omnium antidotorum in operib[us] Rasis contentorum ; De proprietatibus iuuamentis [et] nocumentis sexaginta animalium. Afforismi Rabi Moysi. Afforismi Damasceni. Liber secretorum Ipo. ; Liber pronosticationis s[ecundu]m lunam in signis [et] aspectu planetarum Ipo. ; Liber qui dicitur Capsula eburnea Ipo. ; Liber de elementis siue de humana natura Ipocratis ; Liber de aere [et] aqua [et] regionibus Ipo. ; Liber de farmacijs Ipo. ; Liber de insomnijs Ipo. ; Libellus Zoar de cura lapidis. Hieroynmi Manfredi philosophi, medici, [et] astrologi centiloquium de medicis [et] infirmis Ad Joannem Bentiuolum