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465. A-Weapons Must Be Limited If Used in South Vietnam

467. [A. Bezensky]

469. [A. E. Bennett, M.D.]

470. [A. E. Wilson]

471. [A. Earl Walker]

472. [A. Elbert Adams, M.D.]

473. [A. Fletcher Hall, M.D.]

474. A. G. Young

476. A. James French

477. [A. Lawrence Bennett]

480. [A. McGehee Harvey]

481. [A. McGehee Harvey]

482. A. Omodei Zorini, (Italy)

483. [A. Price Heusner]

484. [A. R. Berger]

485. A. Sandow and Seymour Cohen at Seven Winds

486. [A.B. Ferguson]

487. [A.C. Ernstene]

488. [A.C. Ernstene]

489. [A.C. Lisle, Jr.]

491. [A.G. Richard Perlini]

492. A.H. Ohman Dumesnil

493. [A.K. Fisher]