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3. Elementos de terapéutica


38. Motorpathy and motion, life


41. The homoeopathic domestic physician


42. Nouvelle homoeopathie domestique: avec une explication introductoire du principe homoeopathique et une description détaillée des rémèdes dont on a besoin dans toutes les maladies ordinaires des hommes, femmes et enfants, et une indication particulière des doses réquises dans chaque cas de maladie


44. The world's battle


48. Homoeopathic materia medica: being a summary of the curative action of the principal remedial agents employed in the homoeopathic practice : compiled from Hahnemann, Jahr, Boenninghausen, Hull, Teste, and Hempel, and from the clinical provings of Rückert, Herring [i.e. Hering], Vanderburgh, Barlow and other distinguished members of the profession, together with additions, references, and notes


49. The guide to health and married woman's companion: a plain, practical and comprehensive treatise upon the practice of medicine : in the treatment of the most common forms of disease to which the human family is subject, with a concise direction for the preparation and use of a numerous collection of the vegetables made use of, and directions for preparing and adminstering them to cure diseases, and an appendix devoted to the treatment of diseases in horses


51. Cuba for invalids


59. Anatomy: descriptive and surgical


69. Achilli vs. Newman: a full report of this most extraordinary trial for seduction and adultery charged against Dr. Achilli, the apostate Catholic priest, by the celebrated Dr. Newman, the Oxford Puseyite, both of whom are seceders from their former creeds : the only correct edition, being the verbatim testimony from the London reports


71. An essay on the prevention and cure of vocal, pulmonary, dyspeptic, nervous, spinal, female, uterine, and child-bed weaknesses: and also of hernia, piles, and prolapsus-ani, etc., by mechanical supports, consisting of braces, props, girdles springs and bandages, adapted to the above maladies respectively : with the opinions of distinguished medical men on the subject


75. Cases of hydrophobia


85. Tracts on homoeopathy


95. Homoeopathic practice of medicine: embracing the history, diagnosis and treatment of diseases in general : including those peculiar to females, and the management of children : designed as a text-book for the student, as a concise book of reference for the profession, and simplified and arranged for domestic use