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3. The tryal of Spencer Cowper, Esq., John Marson, Ellis Stevens, and William Rogers, Gent: upon an indictment for the murther of Mrs. Sarah Stout, a Quaker : before Mr. Baron Hatsell, at Hertford assizes, July 18. 1699 : of which they were acquitted : with the opinions of the eminent physicians and chyrurgeons on both sides, concerning drowned bodies, delivered in the tryal and the several letters produced in court


5. Conradi Victoris Schneideri Liber de catarrhis specialisimus: quo juxta Hippocratem libro de Gland. & de locis in homine, septem catarrhi, ut: seu Catarrhus Ocularum seu Catarrhus Aurium seu Catarrhus Narium ; quo volumine & de sternutatione agitur, ac quo[que] palàm sit, nec cerebrum esse epilepsiae sedem, nec illud eo morbo principaliter affici, concuti[que] ; nec ejusdem membri meninges moveri ac vellicari seu Catarrhas pulmonis seu Catarrhus stomachi seu Catarrhus medullae spinalis seu Catarrhus sanguinis, pertractantur, cui alius ad sextum catarrhum spectans, liber de arthritide, podagra et ischiagra, ac de horum morborum curatione jungitur, item anacephalaeosis, qua[m] assertio catarrhorum cephalicorum repetita magis perspicuae falsitatis convincetur


6. The displaying of supposed witchcraft: wherein is affirmed that there are many sorts of deceivers and impostors, and divers persons under a passive delusion of melancholy and fancy : but that there is a corporeal league made betwixt the devil and the witch, or that he sucks on the witches body, has carnal copulation, or that witches are turned into cats, dogs, raise tempests, or the like, is utterly denied and disproved : wherein also is handled, the existence of angels and spirits, the truth of apparitions, the nature of astral and sydereal spirits, the force of charms, and philters, with other abstruse matters


7. A psalm of thanksgiving, to be sung by the children of Christ's-Hospital: on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in Easter holy-days, according to ancient custom, at St. Mary Spittle, for their founders and benefactors,1678. The true report of the great number of poor children, and other poor people, maintained in the several hospitals, under the pious care of the Lord Mayor, commonality, and citizens of the City of London, the year last past


8. Bartholinus anatomy: made from the precepts of his father, and from the observations of all modern anatomists : together with his own : with one hundred fifty and three figures, cut in brass, much larger and better than any have been heretofore printed in English : in four books and four manuals, answering to the said books