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5. Dedication: Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communications, National Library of Medicine, 8600 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, Maryland, May 22, 1980

10. A review of the United States role in international biomedical research and communications: international health and foreign policy

46. Amniocentesis

62. Hypnosis and healing

67. Letter from Francis Crick to Georg Kreisel

68. Selfish DNA: The Ultimate Parasite

69. Selfish DNA [Editorial letter]

77. The Gordon Wilson Lecture: The New Genetics

89. Letter from Joshua Lederberg to George W. Beadle

90. Letter from Waclaw Szybalski to Joshua Lederberg

91. Letter from Harold Amos to Joshua Lederberg

92. Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Isaac Asimov

93. Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Loren Baritz

94. Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Jordan J. Baruch

95. Letter from Joshua Lederberg to David Bazelon

97. Letter from Leslie Berlowitz to Rodney W. Nichols

98. Draft--New York Times Op-Ed Piece