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4. A.H. Steinbrecher, M.D

5. A.P. Biddle, M.D

6. A.W. Ives, M.D

7. Abdominal section for traumatism: with tables of two hundred and thirty-four cases : read in the Section of Surgery and Anatomy at the Fortieth Annual Meeting of the American Medical Association, Newport, R.I., June, 1889

12. Acute glaucoma

22. Advertising in special branches of medicine and surgery: Illinois Board of Health, its position : one thousand ($1,000.00) dollars, where it came from : "quack", the cry of "regulars" : regulars would have people believe that advertising is evidence of ignorance and fraud

25. [Albert Bach]

26. Albert E. Carrier, M.D

40. Angus McLean

52. [Arthur H. Glennan]

53. Asiatic cholera

57. August v. Kekulé

61. Axel Key

64. [B. Fordyce Barker]

65. The baby

70. [Benjamin F. Barker]

71. [Benjamin F. Barker]

73. [Benno Baginsky]

74. Bernhard S. Schultze

76. A bold arraignment of the medical profession: for the practice of false theories, false pretenses, fraudulent claims for a false science, and for their determined purpose to oppose the cold bath in all fevers : and for publishing to the people that it is not beneficial, but hurtful, all for the purpose of deluding the people into employing them to treat the sick with their fraudulent science and to let them die : with the papers attached of Drs. Simon Baruch and G.C. Smythe, read before their respective medical societies, on the treatment of typhoid fever with cold water

78. Bones: (H.C. Barker)

94. Carcinoma of œsophagus, secondary implantation, carcinoma in stomach, ulceration, death from hemorrhage ; Rupture of portal vein from a fall, death ; Loose bodies in the peritoneal cavity ; Thoracic aneurism, varicose dilatation of subcutaneous thoracic and abdominal veins, rupture, death

95. [Carl Thiersch]

96. A case of alexia (dysanagnosia)