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56. Science of reproduction and reproductive control: the necessity of some abstaining from having children, the duty of all to limit their families according to their circumstances demonstrated : effects of continence, effects of self-pollution, abusive practices : seminal secretion, its connection with life : how to preserve youthful vigor, and how to attain to the acme of physical, moral, and intellectual perfection : laws and philosophy of impregnation, with an explanation of the seminal animalculae and female system, with all the different modes of preventing conception and the philosophy of each : closing remarks by the author

73. Medical jurisprudence

74. Statistical report on the sickness and mortality in the Army of the United States: compiled from the records of the Surgeon General's Office : embracing a period of sixteen years, from January, 1839 to January, 1855

78. Human frailty, or, Physiological researches into the causes and effects of diseases of the generative system: followed by copious instructions for the perfect restoration of those who are incapacitated from entering into the holy state of matrimony, with observations on the direful results arising from onanism : also a professional dissertation illustrating the results of chemical tests and examinations of the spermatozoa by the author's newly-constructed urinometer, with powerful lenses : and remarks on gonorrhea, gleet, &c., and venereal and syphilitic diseases, with full and explicit directions for taking the triesemar, as administered by Valpeau, Lallemand, Roux, Ricord, &c. &c

79. History of the expulsion of Drs. R.S. Newton and Z. Freeman from the Eclectic Medical Institute: with the causes which rendered it necessary, and an exposition of the slanderous and factious course which has been pursued by the off-casts from the Institute

80. [Valedictory address]

94. Memoria sobre la lactancia

98. Report of a case of hydrophobia: extracted from the report of T. W. Blatchford, M.D., in Transactions of the American Medical Association, for the year 1856 : with an appendix, containing the report of a committee of citizens of Lancaster, Pa., on the efficacy of Stoy's cure for hydrophobia