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10. Physical education; a lecture

19. A lecture on the effects of alcoholic drinks on the human system and the duties of medical men in relation thereto: delivered in the lecture room of Rush Medical College, on Christmas Day, 1854, in compliance with the request of the class attending the college

35. Physiological chemistry

39. The book of nature

55. Facts for the feeble, or, Professional notes of curious medical consultations: relating to the various pecularities [sic], disabilities, and forms of decay of the sexual system : being the recorded experience of many years special practice in such cases, and showing the actual effect of those new remedies, and modes of treatment not yet generally known even by medical men

68. An essay on the life in nature

76. Reproductive control, or, A rational guide to matrimonial happiness: the right and duty of parents to limit the number of their offspring according to their circumstances demonstrated : a brief account of all known modes of preventing conception, with their physical and social effects : the only preventive in harmony with nature, requiring no sacrifice of enjoyment, of money, of health, or of moral feelings : reproductive control the only antidote to the early decay of American women, and the increase of poverty

81. The water-cure manual: a popular work, embracing descriptions of the various modes of bathing, the hygienic and curative effects of air, exercise, clothing, occupation, diet, water-drinking, &c. : together with descriptions of diseases and the hydropathic means to be employed therein, illustrated with cases of treatment and cure : containing also a fine engraving of Priessnitz

84. Medical lexicon of modern terminology: being a complete vocabulary of definitions including all the technical terms employed by writers and teachers of medical science at the present day, and comprising several hundreds of words not found in any other dictionary : designed for the use of students and practitioners

91. The house-keepers' guide and Indian doctor: containing the very best directions for making all kinds of ice creams, preserves, jellies, perfumery, and essences, fancy and plain soaps, and an excellent system on the treatment of the hair : the best method of cleaning brass, marble, mahogany furniture, cutlery, carpets, &c. &c. : also, a complete system of genuine Indian doctoring, to which is added directions for letter writing under various circumstances : the book closes with the celebrated chemical washing recipe

94. The diseases of the rectum