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2. American dental patents: a vindication of the truth of certain articles in the American journal of dental science, entitled a "Sketch of American dental patents", and a refutation of the charges made against them, by the Dental register : a notice of the action of the Mississippi Valley Association and Ohio College of Dental Surgery, on the subject of patenting professional improvements

13. Dr. S.S. Fitch's almanac for 1855 and guide to invalids: comprising directions for the treatment of consumption and asthma, bronchitis, heart diseases, liver complaints, dyspepsia, costiveness, diarrhea, dysentery, falling of the womb, piles, salt rheum and scrofula, female diseases, etc. etc

14. A case of hydrophobia

32. Domestic medicine, or, Medical vade mecum: a safe companion and guide for families, planters, commanders of ships or steamers, or any one who may require a true friend in time of need : this companion embraces, alphabetically arranged, the medicines in general use, the diseases and accidents of usual occurrence, the most useful articles of diet or drink for the sick or convalescent, with the best mode of preparing them, and numerous remarks in reference to bathing, exercise, and other hygienic measures to preserve health, to repair and strengthen an enervated constitution, and to cure disease

55. A manual of pathological anatomy

65. Anaesthetic agents: the respectful notice, protest and memorial of W.T.G. Morton, M.D., discoverer and patentee of etherization : addressed to His Excellency the President, the honorable Secretaries of the Treasury, War, Navy, and Interior, touching the use of his discovery in the public service in violation of his vested rights under the letters patent of the United States

81. Systema de materia medica vegetal brasileira: contendo o catalogo e classificação de todas as plantas brasileiras conhecidas : os seus nomes em lingua nacional com individuação do modo porque são chamadas nas diversas localidades, a sua nomenclatura botanica, a sua habitação e os seus usos medicinaes, modo porque costumão e podem ser vantajosamente empregadas, e a correspondencia das mesmas plantas com as da materia medica geral : obra utilissima e illustrativa para o exercicio e progresso de qualquer systema medico

86. Exsection of the entire ulna

92. Address