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15. [B. C. Brodie]


17. The botanic physician: being a compendium of the practice of medicine upon botanic principles : containing all the principal branches necessary to the study of medicine as causes, symptoms, and cure of diseases : midwifery, materia medica, pharmacy and botany, surgery, physiology &c. : together with a great variety of useful recipes


19. C.G. Carus


37. Dr. Hermann Fr. Kilian


38. Dr. J.D. Brandis


40. Dupuytren


45. [Ernst H. Weber]


52. F.I.C. Mayer


53. F.I.C. Mayer


55. The female guide, containing facts and information upon the effects of masturbation: and the causes, prevention, treatment, and cure of hernia or rupture, costiveness, liver complaints, piles, deformities and painful diseases of the spine, suppression and irregular painful monthly periods, prolapsus uteri, or falling of the womb, attended with weakness of the bowels, pain in the sides and back, difficulty of passing the urine, &c., &c. : designed for females exclusively


56. A few remarks upon the use and abuse of the gymnastic and hygeinic exercises: with their powerful agency in the development and formation of a good figure both in man & woman, as well as in the prevention of spinal & chest deformities : and more particularly as the only means of effectually removing them without injury, & even with improvement to the constitution of the patient


63. Gunn's domestic medicine, or, Poor man's friend in the hours of affliction, pain and sickness: this book points out, in plain language, free from doctors' terms, the diseases of men, women, and children and the latest and most approved means used in their cure, and is intended expressly for the benefit of families : it also contains descriptions of the medicinal roots and herbs of the United States and how they are to be used in the cure of diseases : arranged on a new and simple plan, in which the practice of medicine is reduced to principles of common sense


74. I.D. Brandis