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51. Epistaxis

52. Epomphalum

53. Esquirol

59. Extracts from the second report of William Crawford and Whitworth Russell, Esqs., the Inspectors of Prisons for the Home District ; addressed to the Right Honourable the Secretary of State for the Home Department

63. [Fletcher]

64. For-amen

66. G.H.G. Jahr's Manual of homoeopathic medicine

67. Gallae

68. Gil Blas ammalato: = Gil Blas malade

71. Granna-tristum

73. Gunn's domestic medicine, or, Poor man's friend, in the hours of affliction, pain and sickness: this book points out, in plain language free from doctors' terms, the diseases of men, women, and children, and the latest and most approved means used in their cure, and is intended expressly for the benefit of families in the western and southern states : it also contains descriptions of the medicinal roots and herbs of the western and southern country, and how they are to be used in the cure of diseases, arranged on a new and simple plan, by which the practice of medicine is reduced to principles of common sense

74. Hallucinatio

78. Homoeopath

79. Homoeopathic practice of medicine

80. The homoeopathist's pocket reference

81. Human physiology

85. Idiot

86. Idiot

87. Idiot

88. Idiot ropea

89. [Idiot]

90. Ignis fatuus

93. Information for the legislature and people of the State of Pennsylvania, and professional men throughout the United States: in relation to various systems of superstitious frauds, and particularly those inflicted upon the credulous by pretended doctors in medicine : together with an explanation of the homoeopathic and other systems of deception : advice to students of medicine, young physicians, the public, &c