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102. Systematized anatomy, or, Human organography: in synoptical tables, with numerous plates : for the use of universities, faculties and schools of medicine and surgery, academies of painting, sculpture, and the Royal Colleges

105. [Neoplasms]

106. [Nose]

107. [Nose]

108. [K- King's Evil]

109. [J- Jaw Lock'd]

110. [I- Insanity]

111. [H- Hard Swelling]

112. [G- Gathering]

113. [F- Fits]

114. [E- Epidemic]

115. [D- Dropsy]

116. [C- Convulsions]

117. [B- Burning Fever]

118. [A- Ailing]

120. [Z- Zoonomy]

121. [Y- Yellow Fever]

122. [X- Xerophthalmy]

123. [W- Whit Low!]

125. [T- Tumour]

127. [R- Rickets]

128. [Q- Quackery]

129. [P- Patient!]

130. [O- Old Disorders]

131. [N- Nervous]

132. [M- Mortification]

133. [L- Low Spirits]

135. Clinique du Docteur Robert-Macaire

142. The medical instructer: containing the symptoms of diseases, and directions for their removal : by the use of Dr. Daniel J. Cobb's highly celebrated and invaluable family medicines ; to which are prefixed, certificates and observations recommendatory of their superiour virtues in the prevention and cure of diseases

145. [Thomas Elliotson]

146. The political influenza

148. On the typhus fever, which occurred at Philadelphia in the spring and summer of 1836: illustrated by clinical observations at the Philadelphia Hospital, showing the distinction between this form of disease and dothinenteritis, or the typhoid fever, with alteration of the follicles of the small intestine