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3. Molecular Genetics: The Ideas

4. Fragment of speaking notes on DNA replication

7. Notes for a Talk on Brooklyn Work

8. Directed Panspermia

10. The Two Languages of Biology

12. Genes in Higher and Lower Organisms

17. Chromatin

19. The Discovery of the Structure of DNA

20. Properties of Ribosomes

21. Lecture Notes on Maize

23. Nobel Prize Banquet

28. Lecture notes for Pathology course

33. The Estimation of Mutation Rates

34. Lecture notes on biomedical and chemical warfare

50. Lecture Notes for a Course on Vital Statistics

52. Genetic Counseling

53. Genetic Counseling II

54. The Detection of Genetic Carriers

55. Genetics and Public Health

56. Blood Groups

57. Notes from ACD lecture on March 1, 1977

58. Bacterial Genetics: Clones

59. Bacterial Genetics: Sexual Reproduction

60. Bacterial Genetics: Genetic Transduction

61. Virus Genetics: Bacteriophage

62. Virus Genetics: Plant and Animal Viruses

63. Biochemical Origin of Terrestrial Life

66. The Human Organism [Notes for Terry Lecture #2]

67. Science and Policy [Notes for Terry Lecture #3]

69. Research Notes from seminar at Columbia

70. Rous RNA 5/11

71. RNA Tumor Viruses

73. Viral Replication and Genetics

74. Retroviruses

75. Small DNA Viruses