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2. [A sanguine encounter]

3. [An aggressive advance]

4. [Indecision boardering on apathy]

5. [A melancholic encounter]

7. [Adam and Eve figures]

8. [Female urogenital system]

9. [Female urogenital system]

12. [Perinatal scene]

15. [Angular pterygium]

16. [Surgical treatment of pterygium]

18. [Treatment of cyst]

20. [Treatment of ptosis]

21. [Treatment for strabismus]

22. [Woman with lachrymal fistula]

23. [Prolapse of the iris]

24. [Woman with strabismus]

27. [Contraction of the pupil]

29. [Woman with growths on her eyes]

31. [Proud flesh on the conjunctiva]

33. [Treatment of ectropion]

35. [Man with blue cataract]

40. [Warts of the eyelid]

41. [Tumors of the eyelid]