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1. Prospectus of the opening of the Lawrence Water-cure, May 15, 1853: containing a few remarks on the general effects of the water treatment on healthy and disordered bodies : also, a description of this new and splendid establishment, with its rules and regulations

5. Report of a trial for alleged mal-practice, against Dixi Crosby, M.D., Professor of Surgery, &c. in the Dartmouth Medical College: in the Windsor County Court, at Woodstock, May term, 1854 : verdict for defendant

18. John P. Phair: a complete history of Vermont's celebrated murder case : containing a report of the trial and conviction for the murder of Ann E. Freeze, at Rutland, the hearing on exceptions, the sentence, "dying statement," two reprieves, legislative proceedings, petitions for new trial, and final effort to stay execution

19. 2007-2011 Vermont health care cost and utilization report

20. Sebre Gustin, Jr., surgeon dentist, of Chelsea, Vt., would respectfully inform the citizens of [blank] that he has taken rooms at [blank] where he is prepared to perform any operation on the teeth requiring his professional skill, or he will visit at their dwellings, those who wish his services, if preferred

21. State efforts to close the health coverage gap

22. Paying for population health: case studies of the health system's role in addressing social determinants of health

35. Health care in Vermont: support for universal coverage

36. Pulling together: administrative and budget consolidation of state long-term care services

40. Medical legislation