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223. Address of the president, C.H. Hughes, M.D., St. Louis, Mo., at the banquet in honor of the first Pan-American Medical Congress: given by the American Medical Editors' Association at the Arlington, Washington, U.S.A., Sept. 4, 1893

231. An address read at the first meeting of the American Academy of Medicine, by the secretary, R. Lowry Sibbet, A.B., M.D., in Philadelphia, September 6, 1876: on the necessity of an organization which shall encourage a higher standard of qualifications in the medical profession in the United States

238. Addressing needs of specific populations to improve patient and family engagement: 21 ways hospitals tailor family caregiver support by culture and condition

239. Addressing patients' social needs: an emerging business case for provider investment

240. Addressing social determinants of health: examples of successful evidence-based strategies and current federal efforts

241. Addressing teen pregnancy risks for youth living in out-of-home care: implementing POWER through choices 2010 : implementation report

242. Addressing the health needs of LGBT elders

243. Addressing the rise in neonatal abstinence syndrome: a multifaceted approach

244. Addressing the social determinants of health inequities among gay men and other men who have sex with men in the United States

246. Adequate premium tax credits are vital to maintain access to affordable health coverage for older adults

249. Adjuvant chemotherapy use and health care costs after introduction of genomic testing in breast cancer