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301. Adverse events in long-term-care hospitals: national incidence among Medicare beneficiaries

310. The Affordable Care Act and African Americans

311. The Affordable Care Act and Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

312. The Affordable Care Act and Latinos

313. The Affordable Care Act and Medicare: how the law is changing the program and the challenges that remain

314. The Affordable Care Act and adolescents

315. The Affordable Care Act and the U.S. economy: a five-year perspective

316. The Affordable Care Act and women

317. Affordable Care Act has led to historic, widespread increase in health insurance coverage

320. Affordable Care Act: IRS should mitigate limitations of data to be used for the age and gender adjustment for the tax on high-cost health plans : report to Congressional committees

321. The Affordable Care Act: advancing the health of women and children

324. After millions of Californians gain health coverage under the Affordable Care Act, who will remain uninsured?

325. After the Supreme Court decision: the implications of expanding Medicaid for uninsured low-income midlife adults

330. Aging gracefully: the PACE approach to caring for frail elders in the community

331. Aging in place: do Older Americans Act Title III services reach those most likely to enter nursing homes?

332. The aging of the baby boom and the growing care gap: a look at future declines in the availability of family caregivers

333. The aging services network: accomplishments and challenges in serving a growing elderly population

334. Aging: health challenges and the role of social connections

336. Aiming for fewer hospital u-turns: the Medicare hospital readmission reduction program

337. Aiming for fewer hospital u-turns: the Medicare hospital readmission reduction program

338. Aiming higher for health system performance: a profile of seven states that perform well on the Commonwealth Fund's 2009 state scorecard

339. Aiming higher: results from a Scorecard on State Health System Performance, 2014

340. Aiming higher: results from a state scorecard on health system performance

341. Aiming higher: results from a state scorecard on health system performance, 2009

342. Aiming higher: results from a state scorecard on health system performance, 2015 edition

343. Aiming higher: results from the Commonwealth Fund Scorecard on State Health System Performance, 2017 Edition

345. Air ambulance: data collection and transparency needed to enhance DOT oversight : report to the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, House of Representatives

347. Air evacuation of sick and wounded by the Pacific Wing: Army Air Forces, Air Transport Command : January 5, 1943-June 30, 1944

349. Air travel and communicable diseases: status of research efforts and action still needed to develop federal preparedness plan : testimony before the Subcommittee on Space and Aeronautics, Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, House of Representatives

352. Aligning behavioral health management of patient aggression with state and national initiatives

353. Aligning efforts to achieve equitable mental, emotional and behavioral health and well-being for children and youth

355. Aligning maternal health policies with birthing people’s preferences and experiences

357. Aligning services with needs: characterizing the pyramid of complexity tiering for children with chronic and complex conditions

359. The alignment between self-reported and administrative measures of application to and receipt of federal disability benefits in the Health and Retirement Study

360. Alirocumab for treatment of high cholesterol: effectiveness and value : new evidence update

363. Allergic rhinitis: developing drug products for treatment

367. Almost half of adults in families losing work during the pandemic avoided health care because of costs or COVID-19 concerns

371. Alternative payment models and the slowdown in federal health care spending: testimony before the Committee on the Budget, United States Senate

375. Alternative procedures for the manufacture of cold-stored platelets intended for the treatment of active bleeding when conventional platelets are not available or their use is not practical: guidance for industry

383. Ambulatory surgery facilities: a comprehensive review of medication error reports in Pennsylvania

387. America's underinsured: a state-by-state look at health insurance affordability prior to the new coverage expansions

388. The American Academy of Medicine: thirteenth annual meeting, held at the Leland Hotel, Chicago, on Wednesday and Thursday, November 13 and 14, 1889 : Dr. Leartus Connor, of Detroit, in the chair

389. The American Association for the Relief of the Misery of Battle Fields: a central national committee, auxiliary to the "Comité internationale de sécours aux militaires blessés", constituted by an international conference at Geneva, Switzerland, in Oct., 1863 : its constitution, with a sketch of the international movement for the amelioration of suffering among the sick and wounded of armies in the field

393. The American Medical Association and the Pharmacopoeia of the United States of America: this pamphlet is especially addressed to those bodies which were represented in the National Convention for Revising the Pharmacopoeia, and which are represented in the American Medical Association and the American Pharmaceutical Association

398. The American Rescue Plan Act’s marketplace provisions: early implementation experiences and lessons learned from three state-based marketplaces

399. American Rescue Plan home and community-based services funding: a review of state plans to support child and adolescent mental health

400. The American botanist, and family physician: in which the medical virtues of the mineral, animal and vegetable productions of North America are exhibited, together with their uses in the practice of physic and surgery : some of which are selected from Dr. Stearns, and other authors, but mostly original : comprehending a treatise upon the principal disorders of the climate, together with directions for preparing, compounding, and applying proper medicines for their cure : likewise, a large number of Indian discoveries in the medical art, never before published