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229. Address of the president, C.H. Hughes, M.D., St. Louis, Mo., at the banquet in honor of the first Pan-American Medical Congress: given by the American Medical Editors' Association at the Arlington, Washington, U.S.A., Sept. 4, 1893

237. An address read at the first meeting of the American Academy of Medicine, by the secretary, R. Lowry Sibbet, A.B., M.D., in Philadelphia, September 6, 1876: on the necessity of an organization which shall encourage a higher standard of qualifications in the medical profession in the United States

244. Addressing needs of specific populations to improve patient and family engagement: 21 ways hospitals tailor family caregiver support by culture and condition

245. Addressing patients' social needs: an emerging business case for provider investment

246. Addressing social determinants of health: examples of successful evidence-based strategies and current federal efforts

247. Addressing teen pregnancy risks for youth living in out-of-home care: implementing POWER through choices 2010 : implementation report

249. Addressing the health needs of LGBT elders

250. Addressing the rise in neonatal abstinence syndrome: a multifaceted approach

251. Addressing the social determinants of health inequities among gay men and other men who have sex with men in the United States

253. Adequate premium tax credits are vital to maintain access to affordable health coverage for older adults

256. Adjuvant chemotherapy use and health care costs after introduction of genomic testing in breast cancer

259. Administrative procedures for CLIA categorization: guidance for industry and Food and Drug Administration staff

260. Administrative rulemaking

262. Administrative rulemaking

263. Administrative rulemaking

264. Adolescent and young adult substance use: federal grants for prevention, treatment, and recovery services and for research : report to Congressional committees

267. Aducanumab for Alzheimer’s disease: effectiveness and value

269. Adult immunization: shots to save lives

271. Adults in families losing jobs during the pandemic also lost employer-sponsored health insurance

272. Adults in low-income immigrant families were deeply affected by the COVID-19 crisis yet avoided safety net programs in 2020

274. Advance care planning among Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries and practitioners: final report

277. Advancement of emerging technology applications for pharmaceutical innovation and modernization

282. Advancing action: a state scorecard on long-term services and supports for older adults, people with physical disabilities, and family caregivers

283. Advancing and promoting community health: opportunities for Accountable Communities for Health and community health centers

285. Advancing health equity for children and adults with a critical tool: Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program Continuous Coverage

289. Advancing opportunities, assessing challenges: key themes from a roundtable discussion of health care and health equity in the South

290. Advancing primary prevention in human services. Key considerations for administrators and practitioners

291. Advancing primary prevention in human services. Key considerations for policy designers and funding partners

292. Advancing primary prevention in human services. Opportunities for people with lived experience

293. Advancing primary prevention in human services: convening findings

294. Advancing research on intersections of child welfare and Medicaid using linked data from the CCOULD project

299. Adverse drug events with HYDROmorphone: how preventable are they?