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9001. What is at stake in ACA repeal and replace for people with HIV?

9002. What is behind the 8 percent drop in uninsurance: changes in CPS health insurance measurement and the effect on state policy

9004. What is the impact on enrollment and premiums if the duration of short-term health insurance plans is increased?

9008. What is the status of women's health and health care in the U.S. compared to ten other countries?

9010. What is “affordable” health care?: a review of concepts to guide policymakers

9011. What keeps facilities from implementing best practices to prevent wrong-site surgery?: barriers and strategies for overcoming them

9019. What we know about health reform in Massachusetts

9020. What we learned from the first open enrollment period, and what to expect from the second

9021. What will happen to Medicaid enrollees’ health coverage after the public health emergency?: updated projections of Medicaid coverage and costs

9022. What will happen to health care spending if the American Rescue Plan Act premium tax credits expire?: estimated impact on health care provider revenue

9024. What worked and what's next?: strategies in four states leading ACA enrollment efforts

9027. What's happening to U.S. mortality rates?

9036. When the nest egg cracks: financial consequences of health problems, marital status changes, and job layoffs at older ages

9038. Where do patients go?: how patients choose between care settings for minor illnesses and injuries

9042. Which hospital financial characteristics are associated with medical debt?: hospital profitability, the provision of charity care, and medical debt in hospital markets

9046. Whither employer-based health insurance?: the current and future role of U.S. companies in the provision and financing of health insurance : issue brief

9048. Who are the remaining uninsured, and why do they lack coverage?: findings from the Commonwealth Fund Biennial Health Insurance Survey : 2018

9050. Who can rein in health care prices?: state and federal efforts to address health care provider consolidation