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1. 3.7 million people would gain health coverage in 2023 if the remaining 12 states were to expand Medicaid eligibility

2. ARPA’s enhanced premium subsidies provide particularly large benefits to residents of rural areas

3. Access to paid leave is lowest among workers with the greatest needs: findings from the December 2021 Well-Being and Basic Needs Survey

4. Access to reproductive health care for women in treatment for substance use disorder

6. Addressing youth substance use through school services and supports: lessons from the District of Columbia, Massachusetts, and New Mexico

7. Being an immigrant with disabilities: characteristics of a population facing multiple structural challenges

8. Building and supporting a black midwifery workforce in Oklahoma: findings and recommendations from an expedited review

9. Capacities of health systems in climate migrant receiving communities: insights in the US Gulf Coast

10. Capping Medicare beneficiary Part D spending at $2,000: who would it help and how much?