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1. How well-targeted are the American Rescue Plan Act’s Premium tax credits?

2. Women’s coverage losses in 2023 if the American Rescue Plan Act’s premium tax credits expire

3. Access to paid leave is lowest among workers with the greatest needs: findings from the December 2021 Well-Being and Basic Needs Survey

4. Collection of race and ethnicity data for use by health plans to advance health equity: opportunities, barriers, and solutions

6. Opportunities to improve data interoperability and integration to support value-based care: lessons from stakeholder interviews

8. How the minimum wage affects the health insurance coverage, safety net program participation, and health of low-wage workers and their families: a review of recent literature

9. 3.7 million people would gain health coverage in 2023 if the remaining 12 states were to expand Medicaid eligibility

11. Immigrant families in California faced barriers accessing safety net programs in 2021, but community organizations helped many enroll

13. Obesity across America: geographic variation in disease prevalence and treatment options

14. Capping Medicare beneficiary Part D spending at $2,000: who would it help and how much?

15. What will happen to Medicaid enrollees’ health coverage after the public health emergency?: updated projections of Medicaid coverage and costs

16. Variation in patients’ use of, experiences with, and access to telehealth during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic

17. Preparing for the biggest coverage event since the Affordable Care Act: perspectives from state health officials on the end of Medicaid’s continuous coverage requirement

18. Racial, ethnic, and language concordance between patients and their usual health care providers

19. Access to reproductive health care for women in treatment for substance use disorder

20. What if the American Rescue Plan Act premium tax credits expire?: coverage and cost projections for 2023

22. Building and supporting a black midwifery workforce in Oklahoma: findings and recommendations from an expedited review

23. North Carolina Medicaid’s transition to risk-based managed care: findings from the preimplementation period

24. Being an immigrant with disabilities: characteristics of a population facing multiple structural challenges

25. ARPA’s enhanced premium subsidies provide particularly large benefits to residents of rural areas

26. Child tax credit recipients experienced a larger decline in food insecurity and a similar change in employment as nonrecipients between 2020 and 2021

29. Improving and expanding programs to support a diverse health care workforce: recommendations for policy and practice

30. What will happen to health care spending if the American Rescue Plan Act premium tax credits expire?: estimated impact on health care provider revenue

33. Lowering the age of Medicare eligibility to 60: effects on coverage and spending

34. Children’s uninsurance fell between 2019 and 2021, but progress could stall when pandemic protections expire

35. Addressing youth substance use through school services and supports: lessons from the District of Columbia, Massachusetts, and New Mexico

36. Improving Philadelphia’s rental regulatory and housing support systems: a strategic policy & health impact assessment

37. Food insecurity trended upward in midst of high inflation and fewer supports: findings from the Health Reform Monitoring Survey, June 2022

38. Capacities of health systems in climate migrant receiving communities: insights in the US Gulf Coast