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1. The physiologist, or, Sexual physiology revealed: being mysteries and revelations in matters of great importance to the married and unmarried of both sexes, and useful hints to lovers, husbands, and wives : a complete guide to health, happiness, and personal beauty, containing such information as can be had by those only who have the advantage of a medical education : with practical remarks on manhood, with the causes of its premature decline, and modes of perfect restoration : economy and abuse of the generative organs, effects of excessive indulgence, love, courtship, and marriage, its proper season, directions for choosing a partner, mysteries of generation, causes and cure of barrenness, prevention of offspring, solitary practices, with their best mode of treatment, &c

5. Aristotle's master-piece, or, The secrets of nature displayed in the generation of man: complete in three parts : to which is added, A treasure of health, or, The family physician : being choice and approved remedies for all the several distempers incident to the human body : the whole being more correst than any thing of the kind hitherto published

6. Kurzgefasstes Weiber-Büchlein: welches sehr nützlichen Unterricht für schwangere Weiber und Hebammen, enthält ; wie auch die auserlesendsten Arzney-Mittel für aller Arten Krankheiten beyderley Geschlechts : ferner, eine Anweisung zur Färbe-Kunst, blau, roth, &c. &c. zu färben

10. Plain home talk about the human system: the habits of men and women, the causes and prevention of disease, our sexual relations and social natures : embracing medical common sense applied to causes, prevention, and cure of chronic diseases, the natural relations of men and women to each other, society, love, marriage, parentage, etc