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41. Dissertatio physiologica inauguralis, de causis respirationis ejusdemque effectibus quam: sub moderamine viri admodum Reverendi Johannis Ewing, S.S.T.P. Universitatis Pennsylvaniensis praefecti, ex curatorum perillustrium auctoritate, nec non amplissimae facultatis decreto, deo maximo annuente, pro gradu doctoris summisque in medicina honoribus et privilegiis rite et legitime consequendis

48. An inaugural experimental dissertation, being an endeavor to ascertain the morbid effects of carbonic acid gas, or fixed air, on healthy animals, and the manner in which they are produced: which, under the direction of the Rev. John Ewing, D.D. provost of the University of Pennsylvania, by the authority of the Board of Trustees, and with the approbation of the faculty, is submitted to the candid examination of the learned. 19th day of May, 1794 ; for the degree of Doctor of Medicine