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1. Work ability and the social insurance safety net in the years prior to retirement

2. Resource tests and eligibility for federal assistance programs: effects of current rules and options for change

3. Increasing participation in benefit programs for low-income seniors

4. Access to paid leave is lowest among workers with the greatest needs: findings from the December 2021 Well-Being and Basic Needs Survey

5. How the minimum wage affects the health insurance coverage, safety net program participation, and health of low-wage workers and their families: a review of recent literature

6. 3.7 million people would gain health coverage in 2023 if the remaining 12 states were to expand Medicaid eligibility

7. Being an immigrant with disabilities: characteristics of a population facing multiple structural challenges

8. Child tax credit recipients experienced a larger decline in food insecurity and a similar change in employment as nonrecipients between 2020 and 2021