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3. The psychology of the superconscious, or, The higher phenomena of the saints and mystics viewed in the light of the counter-phenomena of the psychics and trance-mediums and vindicating the overwhelming brilliancy of the divine light against its obscure and occult distortions: a theory of supraliminal intuition overpowering the trance-control and showing the transcendence of the supernatural over the rival forms of supernormal cognition : a preliminary contribution in aid of a clearer understanding of this mysterious subject


8. Pathetism: man considered in respect to his form, life, sensation, soul, mind, spirit : giving the rationale of those laws which produce the mysteries, miseries, felicities, of human nature : psychology, phrenology, pneumatology, physiognomy, pathognomy, physiology : sleep, dreams, sonambulation, intuition, presentiments, prevision, enchantment, miracles, witchcraft, popular excitements, apparitions, spells, charms, fascination, trance, the case of Swedenborg, A.J. Davis, &c. : an essay toward a correct theory of mind, with directions for demonstrating its truthfulness