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3. The good book, and amenities of nature, or, Annals of historical and natural sciences: containing selections of observations, researches, and novelties in all the branches of physical and historical knowledge, with letters of eminent authors, chiefly on zoology, botany, agronomy, geognosy, ethnography .... or organized beings and fossils, nations and languages

16. Catalogue of the organic remains: which, with other geological and some mineral articles, were presented to the New York Lyceum of Natural History, in August 1826, by their associate, Samuel L. Mitchill

31. The naturalist's occupation

36. The philosophy of natural history

37. The philosophy of natural history

39. The natural history of Pliny

48. [Neckless humans]

49. [Centaur]

64. Von den Meerschwalmen

67. [Stromatei species altera]

69. [Meerschlange]

70. Von der Wallschlangen

72. Passer =: Ein Plateyssle

73. [Schwerdtfisch]

76. Der zitter fisch

77. [Torpedo]

78. [Wallfisch]

79. [Meerkalb]

80. Von dem Meerteüfel

84. Ein grosser Meerbär

85. Ein Lachss

86. Von dem Schaidfisch

87. Von dem Stör

88. De tauro

89. De camelo

91. De cane in genere

92. De hirco

93. De cato seu fele

94. De ceruo

95. De equo

96. De gulone

97. De hystrice

98. De leone

99. De lepore