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103. Booth's manual of domestic medicine and guide to health and long life: a book for every family, describing in plain practical language the laws and rules of health and how to regain and maintain it : a treatise on anatomy, physiology and hygiene, including the treatment and cure of diseases of all kinds, plain directions for preparing and administering medicines, special attention given to the treatment of diseases of women and children, careful instructions for the nursing and care of the sick, a copious materia medica, etc. etc


105. Dr. Chase's third, last and complete receipt book and household physician: or practical knowledge for the people from the life-long observations of the author, embracing the choicest, most valuable and entirely new receipts in every department of medicine, mechanics, and household economy : including a treatise on the diseases of women and children, in fact, the book for the million, with remarks and explanations which adapt it to the every-day wants of the people, arranged in departments and most copiously indexed


114. Family physician


115. Family physician


117. Plain home talk about the human system: the habits of men and women, the causes and prevention of disease, our sexual relations and social natures : embracing medical common sense applied to causes, prevention, and cure of chronic diseases, the natural relations of men and women to each other, society, love, marriage, parentage, etc., etc


118. Plain home talk about the human system: the habits of men and women, the causes and prevention of disease, our sexual relations and social natures : embracing medical common sense applied to causes, prevention, and cure of chronic diseases, the natural relations of men and women to each other, society, love, marriage, parentage, etc


119. A physician in the house for family and individual consultation: containing valuable articles on life and its preservation, the actions of the body in health and disease, the rules of hygiene and proper living, characteristics of food, etc. : also a complete cyclopaedia of diseases and their treatment by non-poisonous remedies with descriptions of medicinal agents and numerous formulas and special articles, written in plain language


120. Gunn's neuer Hausarzt, oder, Handbuch der Gesundheit: ein vollständiger Leitfaden für Familien : mit vielen werthvollen Rathschlägen, wie Krankheit zu vermeiden und das Leben zu verlängern sei, und einer volkstümlichen Darstellung der Ursachen und Symptome, der Behandlung und Heilung aller Krankheiten, denen Männer, Frauen und Kinder unterworfen sind : nebt Angabe der einfachsten und bewährtesten Medikamente und einer genauen Beschreibung der Eigenschaften und der Anwendung mehrer hundert bekannte heilkräftiger Pflanzen


121. The compendium of health: pertaining to the physical life of man and the animals which serve him, including the horse, ox, sheep, hog, dog, cat, poultry, and birds : embracing anatomy, physiology, and hygiene, the cure and prevention of disease, the peculiar functions and disorders of the maid, wife, mother, and babe, the nursing of children and the sick, medicinal recipes, accidents, injuries, and poisons, the care and improvement of the domestic animals, etc., etc


126. Medical information for the million, or The true guide to health: on eclectic and reformed principles; being plain advice to both sexes in the treatment of nervous, consumptive, scrofulous, and other complaints to which is added a practical essay on sexual diseases: including the symptoms and treatment of veneral, gonorheal, and syphilitic complaints; masturbation, seminal debility, barrenness, abortion, etc., embellished by nearly one hundred illustrative engravings


144. The family doctor: a counsellor in sickness, pain and distress, for childhood, manhood, and old age : containing in plain language, free from medical terms, the causes, symptoms, and cure of disease in every form : with important rules for preserving the health, and directions for the sick chamber, and the proper treatment of the sick : the whole drawn from extensive observation and practice


145. The guide to health and married woman's companion: a plain, practical and comprehensive treatise upon the practice of medicine : in the treatment of the most common forms of disease to which the human family is subject, with a concise direction for the preparation and use of a numerous collection of the vegetables made use of, and directions for preparing and adminstering them to cure diseases, and an appendix devoted to the treatment of diseases in horses


157. The family doctor, or, The home book of health and medicine: a popular treatise on the means of avoiding and curing diseases and of preserving the health and vigour of the body to the latest period : including an account of the nature and properties of remedies, the treatment of the diseases of women and children, and the management of pregnancy and parturition


162. Catalogue of the extensive and valuable medical, theological, and miscellaneous library of the late John Redman Coxe, M.D: which includes many very rare, valuable, and interesting works in various languages : to be sold by order of executors on Tuesday, November 1st, 1864 and following days until finished, commencing each day at 10 o'clock a.m. at the auction rooms of the subscribers, M. Thomas & Sons, auctioneers


170. A clinical phrase book in English and German: containing the usual questions & answers employed in examining and prescribing for patients, questions in asking for and buying medicines, etc. : with an English-German and German-English pronouncing lexicon of all the words occuring in the phrases, with the chief technical terms of medical writers and apothecaries : grammatical appendix, table of idioms, &c. designed to aid physicians and surgeons in hospitals, alms-house and private practice, also, druggists and pharmaceutists in dispensing their prescriptions


192. Recepte von Dr. Chase, oder, Belehrung für Jedermann: eine sehr werthvolle Sammlung von ungefähr 800 praktischen Recepten ... : ebenso enthaltend eine gründliche Behandlung von Brustfellentzündung, Lungenentzündung &c, sowie der Krankheiten des weiblichen Geschlechts : ungeordnet nach den betroffenden Gebieten, mit Anmerkungen und Erklärungen


193. Domestic medicine, or, Medical vade mecum: a safe companion and guide for families, planters, commanders of ships or steamers, or any one who may require a true friend in time of need : this companion embraces, alphabetically arranged, the medicines in general use, the diseases and accidents of usual occurrence, the most useful articles of diet or drink for the sick or convalescent, with the best mode of preparing them, and numerous remarks in reference to bathing, exercise, and other hygienic measures to preserve health, to repair and strengthen an enervated constitution, and to cure disease


195. The family and ship medicine chest companion: being a compendium of domestic medicine, surgery, and materia medica : with directions for the diet and management of the sick-room : particularly adapted for heads of families, captains of ships, travellers, and overseers of plantations : comprising plain rules for the administration of medicines, with their properties and doses : also general rules on bathing, a plain description of the treatment of fractures, and dislocations, etc., etc., and a concise account of the asiatic and spasmodic cholera, with the remedies to be used in the absence of professional assistance : to which is added receipts of general utility for family purposes : selected from standard works