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3. The medical adviser: a complete treatise on the formation, debility, and diseases of those organs peculiar in each sex, including spermatorrhoea, or seminal weakness, drawn up with a view to the treatment and cure of impotence, and the more effectual removal of the venereal disease, the result of thirty years' experience, with the latest discoveries


5. The female guide, containing facts and information upon the effects of masturbation: and the causes, prevention, treatment, and cure of hernia or rupture, costiveness, liver complaints, piles, deformities and painful diseases of the spine, suppression and irregular painful monthly periods, prolapsus uteri, or falling of the womb, attended with weakness of the bowels, pain in the sides and back, difficulty of passing the urine, &c., &c. : designed for females exclusively


10. Nervous exhaustion, its cause and cure: comprising a series of eight lectures on debility and disease, as delivered nightly at Dr. Kahn's Museum of Anatomy, with practical information on marriage, its obligations and impediments : illustrated with cases, including pictures from real life, or photographic life studies, addressed to the young, the old, the grave, the gay