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1. Eu o Principe Regente faço saber aos que o presente alvará virem: que havendo eu creado fysico mór, e cirurgião mór do Reino, Estados, e domínios ultramarinos, por decretos de sete de fevereiro do corrente anno, com o util fim de entenderem em tudo, quanto póde concorrer para o augmento, e conservação da saude pública

6. Report of the Select Committee of the House of Representatives on so much of the governor's speech, at the June session, 1830, as relates to legalizing the study of anatomy

7. An illustration of the present pernicious mode of fashionable practice of medicine: with plates : accompanied with a dialogue, between an apothecary and a physician, on the subject of the statute regulating the practice of physic and surgery ; after which is added a few brief anecdotes

8. Report on the statutes of New York which regulate the practice of physic and surgery, the rights, duties, and immunities of physicians, and their relation to the medical societies of the counties: presented to the Medical Society of the County of Kings and ordered to be printed, together with the resolutions of the Medical Society of the State of New York, on the reading before it of an abstract of the report

19. Statutes regulating the practice of physic and surgery in the State of New York: and the by-laws and ethics of the Medical Society of the County of Kings : revised and adopted August 10, 1858

36. Medical care for armed services personnel and crediting cadet, midshipman, or aviation cadet service for pay purposes: hearing before a subcommittee of the Committee on Armed Services, United States Senate, Eightieth Congress, second session on S. 1649 ... H.R. 1275 ... S. 657 ... March 5, 1948

38. Report of the special commission established to study the whole matter of the mentally diseased in their relation to the Commonwealth, including all phases of the Department of Mental Diseases, under Chapter 1 of the Resolves of 1938

39. Army-Navy permanent nurse corps

40. Medical care in New York State, 1939: report of the temporary legislative commission to formulate a long range state health program : transmitted March 28, 1940

45. Eugenic sterilization in the United States: a comparative summary of statutes and review of court decisions

52. Antonio Escovedo, Gobernador constitucional del Departamento de Jalisco, á todos sus habitantes, sabed: que El Sr. Presidente de la Exma. Junta Departamental con fecha 14 del corriente ha dirigido á este gobierno el decreto que sigue

54. Medical legislation

59. Quality of healthcare

60. Electronic release of clinical laboratory results: a review of state and federal policy

64. Medical freedom: arguments of J.H. Benton, Jr., Esq., Prof. C.W. Emerson, Dr. J.R. Buchanan, against medical legislation in Massachusetts : together with Gov. Long's veto message, and extract from Herbert Spencer's "Social Statics"

77. Report of the Select Committee of the House of Representatives of Massachusetts, on so much of the governor's speech, at the June session, 1830, as relates to legalizing the study of anatomy

79. At the General Assembly of the governor and Company of the colony of Rhode-Island and Providence Plantations, in New-England, in America, begun and holden by adjournment at Newport, within and for the said colony, on the second Monday in June, in the year of our Lord, one thousand seven hundred and seventy-six

81. A brief history of the past and present relations of the Medical Society of New Jersey to the state: more especially as regards legislative enactments : together with some thoughts suggested by these relations : being the annual address read before the Medical Society of New Jersey, at its eighty-ninth annual session in the City of Trenton, January 23, 1855

82. Administrative rulemaking

84. Veteran suicide: VA efforts to identify veterans at risk through analysis of health record information : report to congressional committees

85. COVID-19 in nursing homes: CMS needs to continue to strengthen oversight of infection prevention and control : report to congressional addressees

86. Medicare telehealth: actions needed to strengthen oversight and help providers educate patients on privacy and security risks : report to congressional addressees

91. Contact tracing for air travel: CDC’s data system needs substantial improvement : report to congressional addressees

93. Defense health agency: oversight needed to better ensure that children are screened, tested, and treated for lead exposure : report to congressional committees

95. World Trade Center Health Program: Quality assurance program should include monitoring of access to health services : report to congressional committees

97. Artificial intelligence in health care: benefits and challenges of machine learning technologies for medical diagnostics : report to congressional requesters

98. Behavioral health: Available workforce information and federal actions to help recruit and retain providers : report to congressional requesters

99. Private health insurance: Markets remained concentrated through 2020, with increases in the individual and small group markets : report to congressional committees

100. VA nursing home care: opportunities exist to enhance oversight of state veterans homes : report to congressional addressees