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1. Animal magnetism: report of Dr. Franklin and other commissioners, charged by the King of France with the examination of the animal magnetism as practised at Paris : translated from the French, with an historical outline of the "science", an abstract of the report on magnetic experiments made by a committee of the Royal Academy of Medicine in 1831, and remarks on Col. Stone's pamphlet

4. The celestial telegraph, or, Secrets of the life to come, revealed through magnetism: wherein the existence, the form, and the occupations, of the soul after its separation from the body are proved by many years' experiments, by the means of eight ecstatic somnambulists, who had eighty perceptions of thirty-six deceased persons of various conditions : a description of them, their conversation, etc., with proofs of their existence in the spiritual world

5. Statuvolism, or artificial somnambulism, hitherto called mesmerism or animal magnetism: containing a brief historical survey of Mesmer's operations and the examination of the same by the French commissioners : the identity of these conditions with other states and mysteries : together with an account of several obstetrical cases delivered while in this state, the proper method of preparing subjects for surgical operations, their management during and after the same, and the latest and best method of curing disease, etc. in those persons who are in that condition