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1. Use of dental care among Alabama's uninsured: results from Alabama's 2002 household survey

3. Impact of changes to the Current Population Survey (CPS) on state health insurance coverage estimation

4. State health insurance coverage estimates: why state-survey estimates differ from CPS

5. What is behind the 8 percent drop in uninsurance: changes in CPS health insurance measurement and the effect on state policy

6. Overview of approaches for estimating uninsurance rates at the sub-state level

8. Yet another wild card in state budget deliberations: federal SCHIP allocations to states

9. Expanding access to health insurance coverage lessens the burden of uncompensated care

10. Do national surveys overestimate the number of uninsured?: findings from the Medicaid undercount experiment in Minnesota

12. Reclassifying health insurance coverage for the Indian Health Service in the current population survey: impact on state uninsurance estimates

13. State tax incentives versus premium assistance: what's the difference?

15. State health insurance coverage estimates: a fresh look at why state survey estimates differ from CPS