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13. Plain concise practical remarks on the treatment of wounds and fractures: to which is added, a short appendix on camp and military hospitals ; principally designed for the use of young military surgeons, in North-America


17. Message from the President of the United States, accompanying a report of the Secretary of the Treasury to him: and two statements marked A and B, on the subject of marine hospitals : also, sundry documents respecting the situation of seamen and boatmen of the United States, frequenting the port of New-Orleans : 24th February, 1802 : read, and referred to the Committee of Commerce and Manufactures


36. In Senate of the United States, April 25, 1836, read, and ordered to be printed: Mr. Davis made the following report, with Senate bill No. 232 : the Committee on Commerce have considered the resolutions of Tennessee, Illinois, and Indiana, and sundry petitions, praying for the erection of marine hospitals on the Western waters, and now report as follows


38. Marine hospitals: letter from the Secretary of the Treasury, in answer to a resolution of the last Congress, relative to the establishment of Marine Hospitals at Buffalo, Oswego, Galveston, Detroit, Wilmington, North Carolina; Newport, Rhode Island; Erie, Pennsylvania, and Apalachicola


41. Plain concise practical remarks, on the treatment of wounds and fractures: to which is added, an appendix, on camp and military hospitals ; principally designed, for the use of young military and naval surgeons, in North-America


43. Report of the Secretary of the Treasury: communicating, in answer to a resolution of the Senate, the report of Dr. George B. Loring and Dr. T.O. Edwards, who were appointed to collect facts and information in relation to marine hospitals and the marine hospital fund


64. The committee appointed on the 29th inst., to visit the military general hospitals in and around Washington, and to ascertain their condition and the wants of the sick and wounded volunteers, beg to report, that they have visited the following hospitals


77. Reglamento que se deduce del expediente formado por mí sobre establecer una Casa, ú Hospital de Convalecencia para la tropa, extramuras de Veracruz: en el parage nombrado los moralillos, inmediato á los ranchos que llaman de la virgen, y de Moreno, distante does leguas de la ciudad


78. Specification of materials and workmanship required in the erection and construction of a U.S. Naval Hospital: with its appurtenances, on the grounds of the United States Naval Asylum, situated on Gray's Ferry Road below Shippen Street, in the city of Philadelphia


84. Album de la guerre: five hundred photographs, seventy drawings and thirteen articles