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1. Expanding access to health insurance coverage lessens the burden of uncompensated care

5. Medicaid payment rate lawsuits: evolving court views mean uncertain future for Medi-Cal

6. Same disease, different care: how patient health coverage drives treatment patterns in California

8. Round 2 competitive bidding for CPAP/RAD: disrupted access unlikely for devices, inconclusive for supplies

9. HRSA helped health centers with elevated risks and can continue to take additional steps

10. A framework for tracking the impacts of the Affordable Care Act in California

11. Short-term limited duration plans and HIV

12. Medicare physician payment: are we getting what we pay for? : Are we paying for what we want? : Invited testimony, Energy and Commerce Committee, Subcommittee on Health, U.S. House of Representatives hearing on "Medicare Physician Payment : how to Build a Payment System That Provides Quality, Efficient Care for Medicare Beneficiaries"

14. The effects of premiums and cost-sharing on low-income populations: updated review of research findings

16. Health care reform: promises and pitfalls for maternal and child health

17. Reimagining federal and state roles for health reform under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

18. The Affordable Care Act and adolescents

19. The Affordable Care Act and African Americans

20. Impacts of the Affordable Care Act's Medicaid expansion on insurance coverage and access to care

21. A new era in American health care: realizing the potential of reform

23. Increasing access to dental care in Medicaid: does raising provider rates work?

24. Implementing national health reform in California: opportunities for improved access to care

25. Monitoring the impact of health reform on American's ages 50--64: fewer Americans ages 50--64 have difficulty paying family medical bills after early ACA marketplace implementation

26. Front and center: ensuring that health reform puts people first

27. Health insurance and health care access before and after SSDI entry

28. Declining Medicaid fees and primary care appointment availability for new Medicaid patients

29. How high is too high?: Implications of high-deductible health plans

30. Mirror, mirror on the wall: how the performance of the U.S. health care system compares internationally : 2014 update

33. California's safety-net clinics: a primer

34. Round 2 on the legal challenges to contraceptive coverage: are nonprofits "substantially burdened" by the "accommodation"?

37. What difference does Medicaid make?: assessing cost effectiveness, access, and financial protection under Medicaid for low-income adults

38. More than one in five adults with limited public transit access forgo health care because of transportation barriers

39. The evidence on provider responses to payment rate cuts: implications for access to care under public option or capped rate policies