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1. Data inadequacies undermine CMS's oversight of the inconsistency resolution process for the federal marketplace

2. ACA coverage expansions: measuring and monitoring churn at the state level

3. A call to lead: the case for accelerating academic health center transformation

5. The financial condition and performance of CO-OP plans

6. For third enrollment period, marketplaces expand decision support tools to assist consumers

9. Health insurance survey: knowledge, attitudes, & behaviors of Mississippi residents : final report

10. Proposals for insurance options that don't comply with ACA rules: trade-offs in cost and regulation

12. Community health centers' experiences in a more mature ACA market

13. Medicare-for-all and public plan buy-in proposals: overview and key issues

14. New rules for Section 1332 waivers: changes and implications

15. Assessing the potential impact of state policies on community health centers' outreach and enrollment activities

17. Views of governors and insurance commissioners on ACA repeal and changes to Medicaid: responses to a Congressional request for state input on health reform

18. Factors affecting states' ability to respond to federal Medicaid cuts and caps: which states are most at risk?

19. Health insurance coverage and the Affordable Care Act, 2010-2016

22. Optimizing health insurance marketplace enrollment through collaboration, technical assistance, and promotion

23. Supporting ACA/Medicaid expansion enrollment in Essex County, New Jersey

25. High performance health care for vulnerable populations: a policy framework for promoting accountable care in Medicaid

28. State health- insurance marketplaces: three states used varied data sources for eligibility and had few indications of potentially improper enrollments : report to Congressional requesters

29. Health coverage by race and ethnicity: changes under the ACA

30. Findings from the field. Enrollment and consumer assistance in four states in year three of the ACA

31. Short-term, limited-duration insurance and risks to California's insurance market

32. Health insurance coverage and the ACA: knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of Mississippi adults

33. Medicare and Medicaid: CMS needs to fully align its antifraud efforts with the fraud risk framework : report to Congressional addressees

34. Understanding the rules: federal legal considerations for state-based approaches to expand coverage in California

35. What worked and what's next?: strategies in four states leading ACA enrollment efforts

36. Survey of Health Insurance Marketplace Assister Programs: a first look at consumer assistance under the Affordable Care Act

38. Private health insurance: Markets remained concentrated through 2020, with increases in the individual and small group markets : report to congressional committees

39. State-level trends in employer-sponsored health insurance: a state-by-state analysis

40. State estimates of limited English proficiency (LEP) by health insurance status

41. Monitoring the impact of health reform on Americans 50--64: Medicaid expansion and marketplace implementation increased health coverage

42. Monitoring the impact of health care reforms on Americans 50--64: awareness and coverage expectations

55. Many uninsured adults have not tried to enroll in Medicaid or marketplace coverage: findings from the September 2020 Coronavirus Tracking Survey

57. Building on the Affordable Care Act to make the health system work for young gay men: an action plan

59. It leaves me feeling defeated: searching for in-network mental health care with marketplace insurance

60. How administrative professionals see the effects of narrow networks and complex benefits

61. Complex, time-consuming, and frustrating: searching for in-network diabetes care with marketplace insurance

64. Key strategies that states used for managing Medicaid and marketplace enrollment during the COVID-19 PHE

65. What do Americans think about their health coverage ahead of the 2020 election?: findings from the Commonwealth Fund Health Insurance in America Survey : March–June 2019