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1. The Board of Health, for the port or district of Philadelphia: in the United States of America, to all to whom these presents shall come, greeting : we certify and make known, that through the blessing of God, the city and district of Philadelphia and the vicinity thereof, is entirely free from all kinds of malignant diseases [small pox excepted]

3. Observations on the disease called the plague, on the dysentery, the ophthalmy of Egypt, and on the means of prevention: with some remarks on the yellow fever of Cadiz, and the description and plan of an hospital for the reception of patients affected with epidemic and contagious diseases

5. Description de l'Hôpital général du Cap: dans laquelle on donne une idée de l'influence de l'air des marais sur les maladies endémiques qu'on y observe, avec un apperçu des inconvéniens de la situation du cimetière actuel, et ceux qui peuvent encore résulter du trop grand rapprochement du cimetière général que l'on vient d'établir

6. From public health law for the guidance of local boards of health: (chapter 661 of the laws of 1893) : Article I. State Board of Health II. Local boards of health III. Adulteration IV. Tuberculosis and glanders V. Potable water XII. Miscellaneous provisions, sections 200 to 210

7. Influenza in Alaska and Porto Rico: hearings before Subcommittee of House Committee on Appropriations in Charge of Relief in Alaska and Porto Rico

8. Combat norovirus infections in long-term care facilities

9. Hospitals reported improved preparedness for emerging infectious diseases after the Ebola outbreak

10. The latest Ebola outbreaks: what has changed in the international and U.S. response since 2014?