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3. Family caregivers providing complex chronic care to people with cognitive and behavioral health conditions

7. Same disease, different care: how patient health coverage drives treatment patterns in California

8. Ready or not: are health care safety-net systems prepared for reform?

9. San Francisco Bay Area: health care providers shift allegiances as regional networks emerge

10. San Diego: health care providers expand capacity as competition increases for well-insured patients

11. Reforming medical education: urgent priority for the academic health center in the new century

13. Disparities in Minnesota health care programs: focus groups with communities

14. Governors' proposed budgets for FY 2019: focus on Medicaid and other health priorities

15. One year after the storms: recovery and health care in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands

17. Nursing in a transformed health care system: new roles, new rules

22. Medical care in New York State, 1939: report of the temporary legislative commission to formulate a long range state health program : transmitted March 28, 1940

23. A review covering a résumé of the problems, accomplishments and future programs of the Public Health and Welfare Section among the Japanese population in furthering the objectives of the Supreme Commander: for the period August 1945-August 1947

28. Demonstrating behavioral health impact using intensive community-based services

30. Aiming higher for health system performance: a profile of seven states that perform well on the Commonwealth Fund's 2009 state scorecard

31. Management of patients with opioid dependence: a review of clinical, delivery system, and policy options

33. Unfinished business: Medicaid and delivery innovation

36. Improving quality and efficiency in health care through comparative effectiveness analyses: an international perspective

37. The AcademyHealth Listening Project: improving the evidence base for safety net health care delivery

38. Reorganization of federal medical activities: a report to the Congress by the Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of the Government, March 1949

44. Choosing providers for select services and procedures: consumers' experiences and preferences

45. Community health centers and Medicaid delivery and payment reform: a closer look at Massachusetts and New York

46. Addressing the social determinants of health inequities among gay men and other men who have sex with men in the United States

47. Building on the Affordable Care Act to make the health system work for young gay men: an action plan

48. Department of Health and Human Services: Office of Inspector General’s use of agreements to protect the integrity of federal health care programs : report to Congressional requesters

49. Geography is destiny: differences in health care among Medicare beneficiaries in the United States and California

50. Helping patients plug in: lessons in the adoption of online consumer tools