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3. Changing health behaviors: reducing obesity by applying lessons learned from the campaign to control tobacco use

6. A comprehensive measure of the costs of caring for a parent: differences according to functional status

7. How do Medicaid/CHIP children with special health care needs differ from those with private insurance?

8. Infant mortality in Mississippi: potential strategies to improve infant health

9. Health and retirement effects in a collective consumption model of elderly households

10. Per capita health care spending on diabetes: 2009-2013

12. The value of improving patient safety in Pennsylvania

13. The state of obesity: better policies for a healthier America : 2017

14. Pain in the nation: the drug, alcohol and suicide crises and the need for a national resilience strategy

15. Healthier Americans for a healthier economy

16. Bending the obesity cost curve: reducing obesity rates by five percent could lead to more than $29 billion in health care savings in five years

17. F as in fat: how obesity threatens America's future : 2012

18. REMS: FDA's application of statutory factors in determining when a REMS is necessary

20. Modulator treatments for cystic fibrosis: effectiveness and value : final evidence report and meeting summary

21. The ABCs of APCDs: how states are using claims data to understand and improve care

23. Pandemic flu and the potential for U.S. economic recession: a state-by-state analysis

24. Germs go global: why emerging infectious diseases are a threat to America

29. Bringing behavioral health into the care continuum: opportunities to improve quality, costs, and outcomes

30. Are Medicare patients getting sicker?

31. Pressure ulcers: new staging, reporting, and risk reduction strategies