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9. Trabalhos medicos: offerecidos a magestade do Senhor D. Pedro I, imperador do Brasil, invicto, augusto, eximio protector das artes, sciencias e commercio, solicitio, e incansavel na harmonia, e progresso deste vasto imperio


11. A dissertation on the causes, preventives, and remedies of plague, yellow fever, cholera, dysentery, and other pestilential, epidemic, or contagious diseases: respectfully proposed to the consideration of the governments, magistrates, philanthropists, beneficent societies, boards of health, medical societies, physicians, and inhabitants of all nations and countries on the globe : containing outlines of a new, uniform, physiological system of medical science and practice. Predicated on the known laws of nature and chemical affinity


12. A lecture on epidemic diseases generally: and particularly the spasmodic cholera : delivered in the city of New York, March 1832, and repeated June, 1332 [sic] and in Albany, July 4, 1832, and in New York, June, 1833 : with an appendix containing several testimonials, --rules of the Graham boarding house, &c


19. The case of the manufacturers of soap & candles in the city of New-York, stated and examined: to which are prefixed, the laws of the state of New-York, concerning infectious diseases ; with an addition, in form of an appendix ; containing, several documents and papers, relative to these subjects


20. An essay on the disease called yellow fever: with observations concerning febrile contagion, typhus fever, dysentery, and the plague, partly delivered as the Gulstonian lectures, before the College of Physicians, in the years 1806 and 1807


22. Sketches of Liberia: comprising a brief account of the geography, climate, productions, and diseases of the Republic of Liberia : to which is added a brief sketch of the history of Liberia, and a succinct account of the customs and superstitions of the contiguous native tribes


24. A reply to Dr. Haygarth's "Letter to Dr. Percival, on infectious fevers": and his "Address to the College of Physicians at Philadelphia, on the prevention of the American pestilence," exposing the medical, philosophical, and literary errors of that author, and vindicating the right which the faculty of the United States have to think and decide for themselves, respecting the diseases of their own country, uninfluenced by the notions of the physicians of Europe


26. Medical facts and inquiries, respecting the causes, nature, prevention and cure of fever: more expressly in relation to the endemic fevers of summer and autumn in the southern states : together with a history of the bilious remitting fever of Alabama, as it appeared in Cahawba and its vicinity in the summers and autumns of 1821 and 1822


50. Rules and regulations of the Iowa State Department of Health relating to communicable and other reportable diseases: in cooperation with the American Public Health Association and the United States Public Health Service


58. Military government weekly health report


59. Proceedings of the Conference of Army Physicians, Central Mediterranean Forces: held at the Institute superiore di sanità : Rome, 29th January to 3rd February 1945


69. Infectious diseases: including tuberculosis, typhoid fever, venereal diseases with the quarantine rules and regulations of the State and of the City and a directory of the offices, clinics and culture stations of the Board of Health