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1. The psychology of the superconscious, or, The higher phenomena of the saints and mystics viewed in the light of the counter-phenomena of the psychics and trance-mediums and vindicating the overwhelming brilliancy of the divine light against its obscure and occult distortions: a theory of supraliminal intuition overpowering the trance-control and showing the transcendence of the supernatural over the rival forms of supernormal cognition : a preliminary contribution in aid of a clearer understanding of this mysterious subject


5. Memorial of the Sisters of Charity of St. Joseph: praying to be incorporated within the District of Columbia, April 8, 1828, referred to the Committee on the District of Columbia, and ordered to be printed


6. Rudimentos fisico-canonico-morales: o glosa al edicto del ylustrisimo señor don Cayetano Francos, y Monroy dignisimo arzobispo de Guatemala, publicado en veinte y dos de diciembre del año de 1785 ; sobre el bautismo de fetos abortivos, y operacion cesarea en los mugeres, que mueren embarazadas


7. Achilli vs. Newman: a full report of this most extraordinary trial for seduction and adultery charged against Dr. Achilli, the apostate Catholic priest, by the celebrated Dr. Newman, the Oxford Puseyite, both of whom are seceders from their former creeds : the only correct edition, being the verbatim testimony from the London reports


10. Nos D. Benito Crespo, del Orden de Santiago ... Obispo de la Puebla de Los Angeles de el consejo de Su Magestad, &c. por quanto ... Juan Antonio de Lardizabal, y Elorza, dignissimo Obispo, que fue de este obispado, mandò publicar el año de mlsetecientos [sic] y veinte y cinco, un edicto del thenor siguiente