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3. Instructions in gymnastics

6. Proceedings of the convention for the reorganization of the Medical Society of the State of California: and of the first annual meeting of the society, held in San Francisco, October 19 and 20, 1870 : together with the constitution and code of ethics

8. Something about California: being a description of its climate, health, wealth and resources, compressed into small compass : Marin County : its industries, roads, appearance, health and population, also, a series of carefully written and well considered articles and paragraphs describing the sanatarium of San Rafael in which the mildness and equability of its climate are explained

29. No appointment needed: the resurgence of urgent care centers in the United States

32. The Medicare drug benefit: options for low-income Californians in 2008

33. Practice management systems for safety-net clinics and small group practices: a primer

34. Medi-Cal physician and dentist fees: a comparison to other Medicaid programs and Medicare

35. Physician assistants and nurse practitioners in specialty care: six practices make it work

36. Managing California's Medicaid dental program: lessons from other states

37. Navigating care transitions in California: two models for change

40. Medicaid Section 1115 demonstration waivers: comparing California, Massachusetts, and New York

41. Medicaid payment rate lawsuits: evolving court views mean uncertain future for Medi-Cal

42. The Medi-Cal prescription drug benefit: an overview

45. Measuring the impact of patient portals: what the literature tells us

46. On the road to meaningful use of EHRs: a survey of California physicians

47. Managed care in California: cost concerns influence product design

48. Los Angeles: fragmented health care market shows signs of coalescing

49. Measuring up?: end-of-life cancer care in California

58. Racial, cultural, and ethnic factors affecting the quality of end-of-life care in California: findings and recommendations

61. SCHIP at the crossroads: California's options in responding to new federal funding conditions

62. Same disease, different care: how patient health coverage drives treatment patterns in California

63. Safety-net providers bring patients online: lessons from early adopters

64. Reducing ambulance diversion in California: strategies and best practices

66. Reinventing health care delivery: innovation and improvement behind the scenes

68. Redesigning specialty care in community clinics: a California case study

69. Ready or not: are health care safety-net systems prepared for reform?

70. San Francisco Bay Area: health care providers shift allegiances as regional networks emerge

71. Riverside/San Bernardino: vast region, market fragmentation add to access woes

72. Sacramento: health providers collaborate and weather economic downturn

73. San Diego: health care providers expand capacity as competition increases for well-insured patients

80. Understanding workers' compensation medical care in California

81. Scope of practice laws in health care: rethinking the role of nurse practitioners

82. Whose data is it anyway?: expanding consumer control over personal health information

83. Scope of practice laws in health care: exploring new approaches for California

84. Specialty care in the safety net: efforts to expand timely access

85. Slowing Medi-Cal churn: counties collaborate to improve efficiency

86. Touchscreen check-in: kiosks speed hospital registration

88. Understanding common reasons for patient referrals in difficult-to-access specialties

89. Using Web technology for public program enrollment: assessing One-e-App in three California counties

90. An unprecedented opportunity: using federal stimulus funds to advance health IT in California

93. What California stands to gain: the impact of the stimulus package on health care

94. Strategic restructuring for community clinics: options and examples

95. Workflow redesign: a model for California clinics

98. Using tracking tools to improve patient flow in hospitals

99. Trendspotting: how IT triggers better care in nursing homes

100. Shifting ground: erosion of the delegated model in California