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2. Longevity: being an account of various persons, who have lived to an extraordinary age, with several curious particulars respecting their lives ; the whole comprising an abridgement of longevity, as far as history extends in every quarter of the world, from the creation to the year 1792 ; authenticated by referential notes from authors of veracity

3. The millenial door thrown open or, The mysteries of the latter day glory unfolded: in a discourse, delivered at East-Windsor, state of Connecticut, July Fourth, 1799 ; the twenty-third year of the declaration of the independence of the United States : in which event was laid the corner stone of the national temple, under whose auspices all worshippers of God are allowed full indulgence : and from which springs the temple of the living God, into whose bosom the nations of the earth are to bring their glory and their honor

7. An exhaustive Bible essay, entitled "No license for alcoholic drinks in the Bible": these drinks have ruined prophets, priests, and kings : do not think your church membership or the prayers of the church will save you if you drink them : intended as a text-book for temperance lecturers, and as authority in courts of law

10. Description of the Missourium, or Missouri leviathan: together with its supposed habits, and Indian traditions concerning the location from whence it was exhumed : also, comparisons of the whale, crocodile, and Missourium, with the leviathan, as described in 41st chapter of the Book of Job