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12. Exenterationis cadaueris illustrissimi Cardinalis Borrhomaei Mediolani Archiespiscopi: a Io. Baptista Carcano Leone, anatomen in gymnasio ticinensi publicè prositente factae, uerissima, atq[ue] elegantissima enarratio

29. Diagnostic error in acute care

32. A mother's life dedicated, and an appeal for justice to all brother Masons and the generous public: a synopsis of the butchery of the late Sir Washington Irving Bishop (Kamilimilianalani), a most worthy Mason of the thirty-second degree, the mind reader, and philanthropist

36. Complete medical record of President Garfield's case: containing all of the official bulletins from the date of the shooting to the day of his death, together with the official autopsy, made September 20, 1881, and a diagram showing the course taken by the ball : compiled from the records of the Executive Mansion