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15. A contribution to the hypodermic ergot treatment of uterine myomata: large interstitial myoma, complete disappearance after ergot hypodermically, speedy pregnancy, return of tumor, abortion, septicemia, death, remarks

23. "Alfred"

30. "Bring Out Your Dead."

32. "Cellular Pathology"

35. "Chemistry & Optics"

36. "Chemistry"

38. ["Ciencia Y Caridad"]

40. "Controlling Drug Addiction"

41. "Cremation"

49. "Diseases of the Throat"

51. "Doctor Jones" says -

54. "Dry-Catch" Privy

55. "El Sassafras"

60. "fashionable surgery"

72. "Hospital Treatment of the Narcotic Addict"

73. "Hospitals"

97. "Loisette" exposed: (Marcus Dwight Larrowe, alias Silas Holmes, alias Alphonse Loisette) : together with Loisette's complete system of physiological memory, the instantaneous art of never forgetting : to which is appended a bibliography of mnemonics, 1325-1888