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10. Ophthalmic and otic contributions

11. Bucklen's arnica salve

15. Life, physical and spiritual, and the amazing powers of the cultivated and developed human soul, by which it performs the most wonderful occult phenomena and reveals the deepest mysteries: the all-absorbing and perplexing question settled at last : scientific analysis of the whole subject of so-called modern spiritualism, explaining its human methods and manifestations and its pretended materializations, the false and the true : the different processes and secrets revealed and educating the human soul to unlimited powers, by a forty years' investigator : development of new human faculties and wonderful powers, heretofore unknown, of vast importance in the cure of disease, prevention of death, and promotion of human happiness : also, lessons on how to get and use the power

20. Acts of the legislature of Louisiana establishing and regulating quarantine for the protection of the state: organizing and defining the powers of the Board of Health, and regulating the practice of medicine, midwifery, dentistry and pharmacy : also, rules and regulations of the Board of Health of the state of Louisiana, and health ordinances of the city of New Orleans : collected and classified in accordance with resolution of the Board of Health of the state of Louisiana, September 2, 1880

22. The ventilation of ships

24. I, the undersigned, having served as a probationer in the McLean Asylum Training School for Nurses for two months, believe that I am able to complete the required two years' course of training

30. Demografía Argentina: movimiento de la poblacion de la ciudad de Buenos Aires durante el año 1879 : inmigracion y emigracion, matrimonios, nacimientos, mortalidad, estadística médica, meteorología, asistencia pública, vacunacion

36. A new school physiology

56. Remarks by C.B. White, M.D., Sanitary Director, upon "disinfection": as found on pages 81 and 82 of a pamphlet prepared by Dr. Joseph Jones and published by the Board of Health, a pamphlet entitled, "Acts of the legislature of Louisiana, establishing and regulating quarantine, etc." : also, discussion of analyses of Dr. Jones, appearing in the same article, by Jos. Albrecht

69. A few cases of leprosy

92. Analisis cualitativo del agua termal del baño de Atotonilco: del Distrito de Ixtlahuaca del Estado de México, y ligeras consideraciones sobre la causa de la termalidad de las aguas minerales en general : tésis presentada al jurado de calificación por Sebastian López en su examen profesional de farmacia