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2. Relation, in welcher beygebracht wird, was gestalten die Wiennerische Neustatt mit der Pest angesteckt worden: wie man sich in geistlicher un weltlicher Ordnung verhalten, was für Praeservativ-Mittel gebraucht, und auff was Weiss die Krancken versehen und curirt worden, wie man die inficirte Häuser gereiniget, und wann sich die Pest geendet

6. Tractatus de morbis mulierum

7. La guerison assurée des fievres tierces, doubles tierces, en deux jours, quartes & doubles quartes, en quatre: par le remede provençal en tablettes, que le sieur B. Alary, maître apoticaire de la ville de Grasse en Provence, fait & distribue par privilege du Roy : Le regime de vivre qu'il faut observer, la manier de se servir de ce remede avec heureux succez, les effets differens qu'il produit, & les raisons justificatives

8. Iliacus internus

10. [Light projection apparatus]

12. [Phase of the moon]

19. [Environment]

20. [Genetics]

22. [Tongue]

23. [Eye]

24. [Embryology]

26. [Natural History]

27. [Text of title page]

28. [Interior of pharmacy]

31. [Figure using microscope]

32. [Venus, Podagra and Bacchus]

34. [Proportions]

35. Nervi

37. [Venereal diseases]

39. [Nervous System]

41. [Liver]

42. [Gastrointestinal System]

43. [Clara Jacobi]

45. [Skeleton]

48. A True relation of a barbarous bloody murther, committed by Philip Standsfield upon the person of Sir James Standsfield his father: giving an account of the many inhumane practices and unnatural contrivances he used ... : and how ... he murthered him in his bed-chamber, threw him into a river, and gave out he drowned himself ... : and by what means, the body being again taken up, the murther was discovered ... : for which ... he was tryed, condemned and executed

49. The remaining medical works of that famous and renowned physician Dr Thomas Willis of Christ-Church in Oxford, and Sidley Professor of Natural Philosophy in the famous University: viz. I. Of fermentation. II. Of feavours. III. Of urines. IV. Of the accension of the bloud. V. Of musculary motion. VI. Of the anatomy of the brain. VII. Of the description and use of the nerves. VIII. Of convulsive diseases ; with large alphabetical tables for the whole, and an index for the explaining all the hard and unusual words and terms of art, derived from the Latine, Greek, or other languages, for the benefit of the meer English reader, and meanest capacity ; with eighteen copper plates

51. The anatomy of an horse: containing an exact and full description of the frame, situation and connexion of all his parts, (with their actions and uses) exprest in forty nine copper-plates : to which is added an appendix, containing two discourses, the one, of the generation of animals : and the other, of the motion of the chyle, and the circulation of the bloud

53. [Man as a machine]

55. [An optical instrument]

57. [Camera obscura?]

58. [Optical illusion]

60. [Camera obscura?]

63. [Lines of perception]

64. [Pulmonary circulation of a frog]

65. [Lung tissue and trachea of the frog]

66. [Man as a machine]

69. [The physiology of man and animals]

75. John Baptist van Helmont

76. Johannes Otto Helbigius

78. Edmundus King M.D

80. Par Francois Mauriceau

81. [Henri Milne-Edwards]

87. Henricus Volgnad

90. Jacobus Pancratius Bruno

92. Joh. Michael Fehr

93. Michael Ettmüller

94. [Jean Baptiste van Helmont]