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2. Good councell against the plague: shewing sundry present preservatives for the same, by wholsome fumes, drinks, vomits, and other inward receits : as also, the perfect cure (by implaysture) of any that are therewith infected : nowe necessary to be observed of every householder, to avoyde the infection, lately begun in some places of this cittie

4. [Physical therapy]

5. Yellow Henbane

6. [Exorcism of a Witch]

10. [Surgery - Plastic]

11. [Surgery - Plastic]

12. [Surgery - Plastic]

13. [Amputation Knife]

14. Alchymya

15. [Head surgery]

18. Of Saint Iohns woort

19. Woolly S. Iohns woort

20. Of tode flaxe

22. [Four types of linaria]

24. Linum satiuum

27. Of feuerfew

28. [Of marigolds]

31. Calendula alpina, Calendula aruensis

32. Of Germaine marigolds

33. Of corne marigold

34. Of cammoill

35. Of foxe gloues

36. Aurei velleris oder Der Guldin Schatz und Kunstkam[m]er tractatus II: darinn erstlich desz Edlen hochgelehrten vnd bewehrten Philosophi vnd Medidi, Philippi Theophrasti, Bombasti von Hohenheim, Paracelsi genannt, fürnembste chymische Schrifften, Tincturen vnd Process, so biszhero in keinem Truck noch nie gesehen ; dann zum andern, desz auch Edlen vnnd furtreffenlichen Philosophi Bartholomei Korndorffers Schrifften, sovil deren an jetzo beyhanden gewesen, vnd sich zusam[m]en der Ordnung halber gefügt, ausz den Originalien in ein Volumen gebracht

37. The practise of the new and old phisicke: wherein is contained the most excellent secrets of phisicke and philosophie, devided into foure bookes : in the which are the best approved remedies for the diseases as well inward as outward, of al the parts of mans body: treating very amplie of al distillations of waters, of oyles, balmes, quintessences, with the extraction of artificiall saltes, the use and preparation of antimony, and potable gold gathered out of the best & most approved authors, by that excellent Doctor Gesnerus : also the pictures and maner to make the vessels, furnaces, and other instruments thereunto belonging

40. [Lancets and scalpels]

45. And: Langnerus Magdeburg

49. Adolphus Occo

51. [Saint Apollonia]

52. David Chabodius