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5. A contribution to the hypodermic ergot treatment of uterine myomata: large interstitial myoma, complete disappearance after ergot hypodermically, speedy pregnancy, return of tumor, abortion, septicemia, death, remarks

7. "Alfred"

11. "Bring Out Your Dead."

12. "Cellular Pathology"

15. "Chemistry & Optics"

16. "Chemistry"

19. "Cremation"

23. "Diseases of the Throat"

25. "Dry-Catch" Privy

28. "fashionable surgery"

32. "Hospitals"

40. "Loisette" exposed: (Marcus Dwight Larrowe, alias Silas Holmes, alias Alphonse Loisette) : together with Loisette's complete system of physiological memory, the instantaneous art of never forgetting : to which is appended a bibliography of mnemonics, 1325-1888

44. "Medical Jurisprudence"

46. ["Mermaid Syndrome"]

47. The "Mundif" Pedestal Closet

55. "Physic"

57. "Physiological Physic"

63. ["Royal Mesmerism"]

72. "West Aberdeenshire"

79. [(Horace B.?) Day]

88. 1500 prescriptions of all kinds, right and wrong: selected from prescription files, journals, formularies, pharmacopoeias, and medical works, illustrating correct and incorrect construction, Latinity, abbreviations, doses, and pharmacy, and covering all the principal forms in which medicines are commonly administered : intended as an aid to pharmaceutical teachers, students, and examiners

91. [16th century flush toilet]

92. [16th century public bathroom]

96. 21. Febr. 1861. Gesammtsitzung der Akademie: Hr. du Bois-Reymond legte eine Mittheilung des Hrn. Prof. A. v. Bezold über den Einfluss constanter galvanischer Ströme auf den zeitlichen Verlauf und die Leitung der Nervenerregung, d. d. Jena, 20. Januar 1861, vor

98. [25 year old male cretin]